The 25% commitment

Hugo GameiroAnnouncements

Since starting, I have installed over 2700 Mastodon instances. Some of those have migrated to self-hosting but a large number cancelled their service and currently I host over 800. Still, this is much more than I expected from a side project and it lead me to a place where I have to figure out the math of how much … Read More

Finding people to follow on Mastodon

Hugo GameiroMastodon

Due to the decentralised nature of Mastodon, finding people to follow may be easier on large Mastodon servers but on smaller ones may require some looking around outside your server. In particular if you are joining a new server or smaller server that will be the case most often than not. If you have just installed a brand new Mastodon … Read More

Access to backups

Hugo GameiroAnnouncements

I have been “Flintstoning” for over 4 years. Over time, I have automated much of the installation, deletion, backup and maintenance of the platform but every single interaction on the current platform was carried out by me. This never represented a major issue for me and, in fact, it came with some benefits but there was one thing … Read More

About the Mastodon v3.4.3 upgrade

Hugo GameiroAnnouncements

When I upgraded the platform to Mastodon version 3.4.3, by mistake I changed to the `main` branch. Meaning there are several “unannounced” features that are now live for every Mastodon server hosted on Upon finding out, I had two options, either rollback to v3.4.1 and doing the proper upgrade or just leave it on the `main` branch for … Read More

New CDN for media files

Hugo GameiroAnnouncements, SysAdmin

I have decided to move the CDN of media files to BunnyCDN. This will change the URL for media files being served via CDN from: to: The old URLs will still work. I will probably redirect them in the future. If you asked to disable the CDN in the past, it will continue disabled but you can request … Read More

Mastodon usernames different from the domain used for installation

Hugo GameiroMastodon, SysAdmin

By default when you install Mastodon on a domain, or subdomain, that will determine how the username of users on that Mastodon server will be. Example, if you install Mastodon on a user on that server will be This can be changed and you can install Mastodon on but have your username be or even … Read More

New changes to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Hugo GameiroAnnouncements

In recent months I have noticed a small number of communities start that are around topics that for me are problematic and that I don’t want to be part in helping move to the Fediverse. So, I have included the following on the Terms of Service under “I will also not accept Mastodon servers that are mainly used for the … Read More

Custom processing of videos and GIFs

Hugo GameiroAnnouncements, Mastodon, SysAdmin server resources are shared between Mastodon servers. This offers some optimisation in terms of resource usage for concurrent active users, as people access at different times and peak active users per Mastodon server is very different depending on the location of most of its users. Still, the sharing of resources also causes a problem in terms of federation. When … Read More

New 2020 plans for

Hugo GameiroAnnouncements

I decided to create a new Pricing structure for plans. Nothing will change for current subscriptions and you can use them at the same price and conditions to which you subscribed. Also, if you have an active subscription using the former plans, you will still be able to upgrade and downgrade using the old plans, plus the option to … Read More