Starting a Mastodon server


Step 1

Choose a plan from the pricing page.

Step 2

Choose the domain/subdomain for your Mastodon server.

Step 3

Follow the instructions to make the payment.

After the payment is confirmed

Set your password

You will be asked to set a password for your account, so you can manage your services on

Pointing the domain to

If you choose to use your domain/subdomain, you will be given instructions to point the domain/subdomain to servers.
For installations with subdomain, this step is not necessary.


The installation process will automatically start as soon as the domain/subdomain responds on servers (for subdomains, this is immediate). This should take a couple of minutes, and you will receive an email once it has finished.

That's it!


After the server is online



Anything you need, just ask via email.


Unless there are compatibility issues, updates are installed 24 hours after a new stable release.


There should be no problems or errors. If you notice anything, please email support.
Support is unavailable during the night in Western European Time (WET).