Starting a Mastodon instance


Step 1

Choose a plan from the pricing page.

Step 2

Fill out the form with the domain/subdomain you want to use and your email address.

Step 3

Follow the link to make the payment via PayPal.

After the payment is received

Email 1

If you chose to use your own domain/subdomain you will get an email with the DNS configuration instructions. If not, you will only get the second email.

Email 2

You will get an email informing you that your instance is ready and asking you to create an account and indicate the username to make admin.

That's it!

Notice: during the night in Western European Time (WET) the install will only start the next morning.

Services after the instance is running



Anything you need, just ask via email.


Updates are usually installed up to 24 hours after a stable release is launched.


There should be no errors or major slowing down of your instance. If you notice anything, please email the problem.