Mastodon content retention settings

Hugo GameiroMastodon

Mastodon administrators can access a content retention tool in the Mastodon web interface (Administration->Server Settings->Content Retention). This tool has three settings that impact storage usage: Media cache retention period This value is blank by default, so it never deletes the remote media cache.Still, all servers hosted by have an automated cache deletion that will automatically delete the remote media … Read More

Automated removal of avatar and header images of inactive remote accounts

Hugo GameiroAnnouncements, Mastodon, SysAdmin

Mastodon version 4.1.0 improved the admin CLI to allow removing avatar and header images cache of inactive remote accounts from media storage. In some cases running this command can reduce media storage usage significantly, and I decided that this was an excellent command to automate. As there were many terabytes of small media files to delete one by one, the … Read More

Remote media cache backups

Hugo GameiroAnnouncements

Mastodon locally caches a copy of remote media files from the content that federates with your server. This media cache avoids hotlinking and missing/slow content when the remote server is down or slow. On currently, this cache is trimmed with the following limits: 7 days for media files in posts 30 days for preview cards in links 90 days … Read More