Testing new DNS settings for Shared Hosting

Hugo GameiroAnnouncements

When I first started Masto.host I never thought that it would grow the way it did. So, I never planned a shared hosting infrastructure to host these many instances.

Currently, I have one host server (cloud server) that handles all the traffic and distributes it to the other servers. Even after upgrading it, I still feel the need to have a second one. I think it’s better to distribute the load between two machines than to keep on increasing resources in one.

The reason I am writing this (besides sharing a bit more about what is going on under the hood) is that I initially made the mistake of using the host servers IP the DNS everyone used. This stops me from moving to another server because the IP is tied to that cloud server.

Today, I got 2 IP blocks that can be moved around OVH infrastructure from Cloud to Dedicated and vice-versa. As such I will have to ask everyone to change their DNS settings but first I want to test it with some instances.

To be clear, there is and will be no problem if you don’t change your DNS, the current host server will continue to stay up and handle the traffic but if you want help me test the new DNS settings, that would be great and could help me find any problems that I may have not considered.

Again, this is currently not the suggested DNS settings and it is just a test and it may cause problems. If you are OK with that and want to give it a try, here are the instructions:

– Go to your domain DNS settings
– Find the A record with the IP and change that to
– Lower the TTL to the lowest you can, ideally 300 seconds/5 minutes (many providers don’t allow you to go this low, so just set it to the lowest you can or leave it like it is)
– Find the AAAA record with the IPv6 2001:41d0:302:1100::1:7615 and delete it
– Add a new A record for the domain/subdomain you are using for your instance with the IP
– Make the TTL the same as the one before

This change should be seamless and no downtime is to be expected.

Any questions/issues let me know and thank you for all the support.

Note: if you are using a Masto.host subdomain I will do the changes for you and you don’t need to do anything to use the new DNS settings