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How it Works


  • Choose a plan you can upgrade or downgrade later with a few clicks
  • Choose the domain use a domain / subdomain you own, or a free Masto.host subdomain
  • Subscribe using a credit card or PayPal

When using your domain

Point your domain/subdomain to Masto.host infrastructure
you will receive detailed instructions to update your domain DNS records

Sit back and relax

Your hosting will be created, and Mastodon will be installed for you
you will receive an email once this process is complete

What is Mastodon

Mastodon is an open-source social media software compatible with the ActivityPub protocol.

A Mastodon server can communicate with other servers in the Fediverse (other ActivityPub compatible servers), meaning its users can post, interact, follow or be followed by other users on remote servers.

No single company controls the Fediverse, and the servers in the network are independently operated. Anyone can run a server, even you!

Visit Mastodon Website
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What Users Say About Masto.host

Portrait photo of Amapanda, against a blue textured background @amapanda@en.osm.town

"OpenStreetMap exists to take control of maps from centralized governments or megacorps. Thanks to Masto.host, we're taking control of our social media. The service from Hugo has been top-notch and stays out of our way, so we can get on with mapping the world, without having to think about sysadmining!"

Woman with blue-green hair and glasses @welshpixie@mastodon.art

"Supremely happy with Masto.host. My questions are answered super fast, uptime is amazing - really great service and hosting experience!"

Portrait photo of Kev, greyscale, with a purple background. @kev@fosstodon.org

"Having Hugo from Masto.Host manage the hosting side for us is a large part of the reason why Fosstodon has been so successful."

Portrait photo of Lili Saintcrow, with a sepia filter @lilithsaintcrow@raggedfeathers.com

"If you want your own Masto instance, I can't recommend @hugo's masto.host service enough."

Fedilab Logo @apps@toot.fedilab.app

"If you are searching an easy way to manage your own instance, you are at the right place! Masto.host offers great services and @hugo is really responsive for helping."

Portrait photo of Chuck, against a red textured background. @chuck@linuxlab.sh

"Juuuust in case you haven't heard, @hugo is kind of a bad ass. I submit trouble report (without a ticket, because i'm a filthy casual) and he triaged/addressed in 4 minutes flat. now *that* is some response time I can get behind, because its better than any SLA I've ever actually experienced."

Aral Balkan portrait photo, facing the camera, studio quality lighting with red light and blue light on the sides against a black background @aral@mastodon.ar.al

"And thanks to the wonderful @mastohost, I am up and running again with my own instance and Mastodon has never felt so slick :)"


In the Help Guides, you can find information regarding Masto.host announcements, frequently asked questions, Mastodon usage and administration.
Any other doubts or questions you might have, you can also contact support.

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