The Fediverse Awaits

plans for you / small groups



Low Federation Capacity

2 Concurrent Requests

2GB Database

Unlimited Media Uploads

5 Active Users (estimated)

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If you like things slow and easy, you can be on the moon.



Moderate Federation Capacity

4 Concurrent Requests

5GB Database

Unlimited Media Uploads

20 Active Users (estimated)

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You can start your own planet - even if you choose to be alone.



Medium Federation Capacity

8 Concurrent Requests

10GB Database

Unlimited Media Uploads

100 Active Users (estimated)

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Want to bring more people? A star is born.

Create a Community

plans for communities



High Federation Capacity

20 Concurrent Requests

20GB Database

Unlimited Media Uploads

500 Active Users (estimated)

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Help the fediverse grow and offer free access to others.



Very High Federation Capacity

50 Concurrent Requests

40GB Database

Unlimited Media Uploads

2000 Active Users (estimated)

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Look at you now!



Want to go bigger?

Need a custom setup?

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Available Add-ons

Extra Database Disk Space

If you need extra database disk space, you may increase at a cost of €1/month per extra GB.

Elastic Search

Elastic Search is available for an extra €10/month on plans for communities and €5/month for other plans.

All Plans Include

Hosting and Maintenance

Hosting, server management and maintenance is included.

Installation and Updates

No need to touch a line of code, installation and updates are automatic.

Email Notifications

All plans have a unique no-reply email address to send server notifications.

Remote Backup

Configuration files, media and database storage are backed up daily to a remote secure object storage. Subdomain

You can choose a free subdomain for your Mastodon server (e.g.

Custom Domains

Custom domains are supported. If you have a domain (or subdomain) you own, you can use it for your Mastodon server.

TLS (https) Certificate

All plans come with a free certificate issued by Let's Encrypt.

Automated Cache Deletion

Automated remote cache deletion for media files and database.

about the plans

plan details and information