Downloading Backups

There are two types of backups you can download.

Download Last Backup

The database and media storage (local media only) are backed up to a remote location daily.

When choosing to download the last backup, you will download the data as it was at the time of the backup. You can download the Mastodon Secret Hashes and PostgreSQL Database and Media Files (without remote cache).

Generate a Backup from Live Data

If you want to generate a backup from live data, your Mastodon server needs to stop, and this will allow you to download all the data as it is at that moment.

You can also download Mastodon Secret Hashes and PostgreSQL Database and Media Files (with or without remote cache).

This is the option you should choose if you want to Migrate your Mastodon server from to another hosting solution.


About Backups

The general recommendation for data safety is to have 3 copies of your data. All hosting plans include two copies, the live data and an automated daily backup to a remote data center.

To keep the hosting plans as affordable as possible, does not make the third recommended copy. For a higher level of data safety, you should regularly download and keep a copy of the backup safe.

Tech details

Please read: Access To Backups