Terms of Service

Before you go any further

Hello! My name is Hugo Gameiro and I run Masto.host.

Masto.host is a project that I started after realising that installing and maintaining a Mastodon instance was not accessible for most non-technical people.

The way Masto.host grew from 0 to running 100 Mastodon servers during the first six months was pretty exciting, but it caught me by surprise. I had to keep scaling, testing, learning and currently Masto.host is still a work in progress.

Please do not expect a flawless service from Masto.host. The hosting platform is not redundant, meaning there are no fallbacks if a server goes down. Also, I am pushing manual changes in production and will make mistakes.

Data backups are daily, but media backups do not include remote cache. If a disaster restore is needed, over 24 hours of data could be missing, and it could take several days to bring the service back online.

The service has been running great with over 99% uptime, no lost data and without known security breaches, but this is a single-person project, and there is only so much I can do.

As mentioned on the my.masto.host backup page, you should regularly download the backup of your server as backups are not stored offline, and in the event of a catastrophic failure, your copy of the backups may be the only way to restore the server. Masto.host is in open beta and offered with no warranty.

Terms of Service

Masto.host is a service provided by WAP – Web Access Platforms, Unipessoal, LDA.

WAP is a one-person company 100% owned and administrated by Hugo Gameiro. Besides me, Hugo Gameiro, there are no other company employees. I will single-handedly conduct the provision of this service and have access to the stored data. I will not share any stored data or even look into it unless strictly necessary in cases of suspicious activity or technical problems.

All installations will be made using the base Mastodon repository and the data centers where I host all servers are from OVH. You can find more about OVH terms of service here.

The plans include unmetered bandwidth and expect a normal usage of Mastodon as a social media platform. If I identify that your server is being used for other purposes or abusing the unmetered bandwidth, I will refuse to continue hosting it.

The same goes for any illegal activity. Please use common sense. You know what illegal is. I want to help you run a Mastodon server but can't do it if you break the law.

I will not accept Mastodon servers that promote or that become a gathering of users around the following topics:

I will also not accept hosting servers where a significant percentage of the activity is related to

Anyone found violating the terms of service will be warned, asked to leave Masto.host or suspended, depending on the gravity of the violation. Still, those services will have access to download a backup with everything needed to migrate to a different hosting solution.

Currently, Masto.host service is in open Beta. Meaning the service is still being developed, optimised and tested. Masto.host service is provided "AS IS" and offers no warranties.

By subscribing to any of the services, you agree to these terms and conditions and all others required by law.