Before you go any further

Hello! My name is Hugo Gameiro and I run, scratch that. I am 🙂 is not a company or a startup, it’s just something I started after realising that installing and maintaining a Mastodon instance was not accessible for most non-technical people.

The way grown from 0 to running 100 instances during the first 6 months was pretty exciting but it completely caught me by surprise. I had to keep scaling, testing, learning and currently is still a work in progress.

Please do not expect a flawless service from The hosting platform is not redundant, meaning it is 100% dependent on the data center where it is located and it will go down. I am pretty much doing manual changes in production and I will make mistakes. The database backups are daily and in the event that a restore from a disaster is needed as much as 24 hours of data could be missing.

The service has been running great with over 99% uptime, no lost data and without security breaches, but all I can guarantee at this moment is that I am doing my best to keep it that way.

Terms of Service

This service is offered by Hugo Gameiro and I am the only person that will have access to your data. I will not share it and will not look into it unless strictly necessary in cases of suspicious activity or technical problems.

One of the things that makes Mastodon so great is that each community/instance is unique. The number of users that each instance can accommodate vary greatly. The up to number of users mentioned in the plans are merely indicative.

All instances are installed using the official repo of Mastodon (unless request by the owner of an instance on a dedicated hosting plan asks to use another fork) and I use OVH data centers. You can find more about OVH terms of service here.

The unlimited and unmetered plans expect a normal usage of Mastodon as a social media platform. If I identify that your instance is being used for other purposes and/or abusing the unlimited/unmetered plans, your instanced will be suspended, asked to leave the platform and I will create a backup for you to move your instance to another platform.

The same goes for any illegal activity. Please just use common sense, you know what illegal is. I want to help you run a Mastodon instance but can't do it if you break the law.

Currently this service is in open Beta. Meaning the service is still being developed, optimised and tested. I cannot guarantee that the service will work as expected or at all and should only be used for testing purposes. Until now, all instances have a 99% uptime and without any known issues.

All other situations that may arise will be solved between you and me and using common sense.

By pressing the purchase button, you are agreeing to this conditions and to all others required by law.