Changes to the Extra Resources add-on

Hugo GameiroAnnouncements

With the recent plan changes, I noticed that limiting the Extra Resources add-on to the Galaxy plan did not make much sense. It forced a big price jump, mainly when someone went over the Constellation plan limit, as it would force them to upgrade to the Galaxy plan. In that case, it was a $50 price increase.

So, I decided to introduce a couple of changes to the Extra Resources add-on:

  • Each add-on unit now costs $10/month and adds 4 Processing Threads, 4 GB of Database disk space and 40 GB of Media storage.
  • The add-on is now available for the Star, Constellation and Galaxy plans.

With these changes, if someone is a few megabytes over their plan limits, the price jump does not need to be more than $10/month.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.