Connecting OVH Public Cloud VLAN to Dedicated Server

I couldn’t find any tutorial that explained how to connect a Dedicated Server to a Public Cloud VLAN on OVH and even support couldn’t help a lot with the specific software configuration.

After several trial and errors and putting together bits and pieces from information found online, I finally got it to work.

So, if you have a VRACK with a VLAN on Public Cloud and the communication is working between VMs and assuming you are using Debian 9 /etc/network/interfaces from one of your VMs should have a configuration similar to:

auto ens6
allow-hotplug ens6
iface ens6 inet static

If you want to connect your dedicated server to the same VLAN you need to pick a free IP inside the same range 192.168.8.*

Then, you need to add the dedicated server to the same VRACK. This is pretty simple via the interface.

After, you will have 2 interfaces in your dedicated server, something like ENO3 and ENO4. The ENO3 is your public interface but what you will use is ENO4.

The /etc/network/interfaces in the dedicated server should be something like:

auto eno4.8
iface eno4.8 inet static

Notice that you are using the same “netmask” and “broadcast”, the IP you choose (in the example above I choose but it can be any available IP) and the most important thing is that you add the VLAN ID after ENO4 with a dot.

That’s it. After a service networking restart it should be working.