Full-text search add-on option available

Mastodon provides an optional feature called “Full-text search” and that allows you and the users on your server to:

This is pretty handy but it requires a significant amount of resources and the only way I can make this option available is by charging for the extra resources.

So, I will be starting a test run for this add-on. I have tested this feature and it looks to be working well on my setup but nothing like a production run to see any other problems that may occur.

If you want to test this feature in your Mastodon server the cost will be:

Light or Personal plans – €3/month

Low or Niche plans – €4/month

Regular or Party plans – €5/month

Base or Disco plans – €6/month (other plans please contact me for pricing)

Please email info@masto.host if you want me to implement this for your Mastodon server.

After you contact me, I will send you a link to make a new PayPal subscription and after I receive it, I will cancel the old one and refund the days not used from the last payment.

Also, you should know that the initial build of the search database can take several hours before it is fully available.

Any questions, please let me know.