Year One

When I started I was thinking that I could help a couple of people, learn a bit more about sys-admin and just have fun with it as a side project. One year later, has become something else, it is almost a part time project and it has been requiring a lot of my time.

It was fun to see this project taking off and at times a struggle to make it run smoothly but mostly I did it with pleasure and enjoyed providing this service.

This past year, I installed close to 300 instances but over 40% of them cancelled. On average the number of days an instance uses for is 140 days.

While it is mind blowing that I have installed that many instances, these numbers are troublesome. The churn is way too high (over 9% monthly) and although the average number of days and instance is active keeps growing, it is still way too low.

In relation to money, was net positive since day one, if I didn’t take my time into consideration. While running this as a side project, my time was not considered, now that it is starting to take more of it when I add my time into the math, the project is still net negative.

All of this to say thank you for all the support. It was a wild first year and hopefully things continue to grow because Mastodon is an amazing platform and there is a lot more that can be done to help it grow.

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