New 2020 plans for

I decided to create a new Pricing structure for plans.

Nothing will change for current subscriptions and you can use them at the same price and conditions to which you subscribed.

Also, if you have an active subscription using the former plans, you will still be able to upgrade and downgrade using the old plans, plus the option to upgrade and downgrade to the new plans.

You can find the archive page for the retired plans here.

Differences between old and new plans

Besides the obvious price difference, the new plans introduce a limit to the database size.


From day one, the goal of was to make accessible and affordable to run your own Mastodon server. With time, I noticed that Mastodon servers that used less resources would not stay long on the platform, while servers that use more resources would – which created an unbalanced usage. Anticipating future trends in resource needs, it became clear I needed to make changes in order for the project to be viable.

So, in addition to adjusting the prices and plans to a more accurate real world usage, I decided to also introduce limits on the database size (media storage is still unlimited) as this fells like a better solution for different types of users.

Any questions

Please do contact me if you have any questions.