New Plans

I decided to stop offering Dedicated Hosting plans and to make a new Pricing structure for

Shared Hosting

Nothing will change for current subscriptions and you can use them at the same price and conditions you have up until today.

In the future, if you have a subscription that started before this change, you will still be able to upgrade and downgrade using the old plans, plus the option to upgrade and downgrade to the new plans.

You can find the archive page for the old plans here.

Differences from the old to the new plans

Besides the obvious price difference the new plans will not have an X number of users limit and the volume limitations will be set by Mastodon processes threads instead of post per minute.

Dedicated Hosting

The current Dedicated Hosting subscriptions will continue to work for as long as necessary but I will not be accepting new subscriptions.

Any questions

Please do contact me if you have any questions.