New Website

I finally managed to get around and do a better website for

As all things with it is still a work in progress but I think it looks much better. Also, the old website was just an HTML theme I found online and that I adapted to the service I wanted to offer but without any experience on actually running the service.

It lasted almost one year like that but it was past time to take some time and start building a better one. This one is also just a theme I bought and it runs on top of WordPress to allow me to quickly add and edit content. I didn’t find a need to build one from scratch and it would take me much longer than just using this solution.

The only thing that I decided to port was the old Japanese version. Sorry to all the Japanese friends but you are still stuck the old one. The Japanese version was pretty awesome to have but it slows me down a lot. Whenever I think of a change, I need to find someone to help translate and it just isn’t feasible for a one person team. For now, I will leave it online and in the future will decide what to do.

Please, let me know if you find any errors in this new website or have suggestions and ideas on what to improve it. You know you can reach me or